• Call for Papers: 5th International Workshop – Entrepreneurship, Culture, Finance and Economic Development – ECFED-2016

    11. Februar 2016

    Entrepreneurship research is thriving, with hundreds of scholars around the world contributing to our better understanding of the entrepreneurial phenomenon. The disciplinary entries are numerous, as are the topics of interest. Efforts are substantial, and the results already achieved considerable. That said, the way we understand and address the issues is noticeably enhanced by considering, debating, and confronting our existing knowledge and what our peers are doing. For fundamental, true, scientific progress, we need deep and constructive exchanges.

    The Fifth International Workshop ENTREPRENEURSHIP, CULTURE, FINANCE AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT is specifically designed to facilitate high level, high intensity discussion and fruitful exchanges between scholars involved in entrepreneurship research. The number of participants is limited in order to support strong individual participation and the development of convivial relations.

    Call for Papers, Submission Deadline April 15, 2016