• Call for Papers: Seventh International Workshop – „Entrepreneurship, Culture, Finance And Economic Development (ECFED)“, Lublin (Poland)

    21. Januar 2020

    Research on entrepreneurship, culture, finance and their impact on economic development has reached an outstanding level thanks to hundreds of scientists around the world, contributing to a better understanding of these interrelated phenomena. However, despite the growing number of studies, we do not fully know how entrepreneurship is conceived, fostered and maintained in different cultural, political and financial conditions. For fundamental, true, scientific progress, we need deep and constructive exchanges. The Seventh Entrepreneurship, Culture, Finance and Economic Development – ECFED International Workshop is specifically designed to facilitate high level, high intensity discussion and fruitful exchange between scholars involved in entrepreneurship research.

    Papers, either theoretical or empirical, must be clearly linked to Entrepreneurship and/or Small Business (Call for Paper), Submission Deadline April 10th, 2020