• Call for Papers: 2020 IEEE European Technology & Engineering Management Summit, „Building future cities through digital transformation projects“

    7. Oktober 2019

    At the heart of future cities, one must find a reflection of the diverse qualities, interests, challenges and aspirations of its citizens. Continuously improving citizens’ quality of life can come through robust digital transformation and collaboration on projects and programmes.

    But what is digital transformation within a future city? The answers are as multiple as the projects within its borders. Addressing these complexities is not easy, but it is essential, and will be an ongoing effort of research, industry and government stakeholders in close collaboration with its citizens. A key challenge is to find ways how to combine the different players within complex project ecosystems. We must find ways to share our thoughts, questions and proposals in order to create a sustainable future that serves us all. One way is to engage the global community.

    At E-TEMS 2020 Conference – organised by the European Partnership for Project and Innovation Management – contributors and participants will showcase how they are digitally transforming how we live and work using innovative approaches to projects and their management.

    2020 IEEE European Technology & Engineering Management Summit, 5-7 March, 2020, Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts,

    Call for Papers: „Building future cities through digital transformation projects„, Abstract or proposal (800-900 words): October 16th, 2019, Full paper (4 – 6 pages): November 29th, 2019