• Conference -„Pandemic shock and its consequences for business and the economy“ (Submission deadline October 15th), 2nd December 2021 Poznań (Poland)

    23. September 2021

    Institute of Economics and Finance at the WSB University in Poznań would like to cordially invite you to the international conference Pandemic shock and its consequences for business and the economy, which is scheduled for December 2, this year. It is organized by WSB University in Poznań, Poland and will take place in a hybrid mode, in Poznań and online. 

    While the conference as such is devoted to economic consequences of the pandemic, we want to pay special attention to four areas which correspond with conference tracks: 

    1. Entrepreneurship and innovation,   
    2. International Business,   
    3. Finance
    4. Macro and microeconomic developments

    The organizer are interested in submissions (new submission deadline October 15th 2021 – individual enquiries for an extension are possible), that deal with short term effects of the pandemic and lockdowns but also look forward to papers that deal with possible effects for the future. How will business change as a result of the pandemic? What will be its effect for public policies? The current situation may foster both empirical studies and new models and theories, so any methodological approaches are welcome as long as they refer to the pandemic. 

    We aim to reach a broad international audience and already have involved reputable researchers from 10 European countries in our Scientific Committee. We are also delighted to cooperate with several reputable journals indexed by Scopus and Web of Science

    Please visit our conference web page for more information.