New: Doctoral Program Class of 2023

As already announced at the G-Forum 2022 in Dresden, the FGF will also offer for PhD students a “Doctoral Program Class of 2023” entitled

“How to successfully design, craft and publish entrepreneurship and innovation research” (Programm)

The 2023 program has been significantly expanded and now includes nine digital course dates and, thanks to the friendly support of the Stiftung für die Wissenschaft of the Sparkassen Finanzgruppe, a two-day on-site workshop event at the “Sparkassenhaus” in Bonn.

The workshops will take place between March and August/September 2023, whereby we will inform the participants of the exact dates and times of the individual workshops in time.

The participation fee for this workshop is 400,- Euro for FGF members (participants who are themselves FGF members or whose doctoral supervisor is an FGF member) and 500,- Euro for non-members. The fee includes the teaching, teaching materials and Lunch at the two-day on-site workshop.

Interested parties can register by e-mail with Ulrich Knaup ( The deadline for registration is February 15, 2023.

We look forward to your interest in the Doctoral Program Class of 2023 and/or if you could forward our offer to potential interested parties in your professional environment.Thank you very much!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ulrich Knaup by phone at +49 (0)2151-777508