G-Forum 2020 conference – Submission types

It is possible to submit full papers to the G-Forum. Authors of full paper submissions will receive a developmental review from members of the G-Forum Review Board and can qualify for a 20-minute presentation plus 10-minute discussion. However, proposals for presentations can also be submitted as an abstract. An abstract should not exceed 1,000 words. Short abstracts will qualify for shorter presentations (10 minutes presentations) or poster presentations.

Please submit your full papers and abstracts as a pdf document in an anonymized form (without author information) until June, 7th, 2020 (extended submission deadline) via our G-Forum conference tool at https://www.conftool.com/g-forum2020/index.php?page=login.

Guidelines for submission (full paper and abstracts)
Research-and practice-oriented papers can be submitted. Please register as a user of the conference tool at https://www.conftool.com/g-forum2020/index.php?page=login. Please do not forget to upload your anonymized submission as a PDF document. Submissions are possible in German or English. Submissions of scientific contributions should ideally be structured as follows:

  • Problem definition (research gap / objective)
  • Theoretical foundation
  • Methodology / empirical research context
  • Results
  • Implications for entrepreneurship research and practice

Submissions of practical contributions should include a clear starting point, objectives, results and implications for practice.

Review process
The selection of full papers and abstracts to be presented at the conference will be based on a double-blind review process. Only full paper submissions will receive a developmental review. The G-Forum review board is responsible for the review process. We will inform the authors on the acceptance of their submissions inend-July/begin August 2020.