G-Forum 2019 conference – Theme

The overarching theme of the G-Forum 2019 in Vienna is:

“Opportunities for SMEs in a globalized world”

The advancing globalisation of the world economy in recent decades continues to bring about significant changes in competitive conditions for small and medium-sized enterprises. SMEs are directly or indirectly affected by these changes and need to adapt accordingly

Management concepts that successfully allow SMEs to address these challenges and strategies used to achieve a functional fit between firms and their environment will be the focus of the G-Forum 2019.

Against this background, the G-Forum 2019 addresses the many questions, but above all the many opportunities and solutions that arise for SMEs from the perspective of science and practice.

Science and practice

To enhance the exchange between science and practice, submissions “from both worlds” are expressly desired. Topic-specific sessions are offered which are either based on submissions from science or practice. There will be two independent review processes to meet the different requirements of submissions from both realms.


In addition to submissions addressing the guiding theme of the conference, the conference organizers expressly welcome any submission that correspond to the three main thematic fields of the FGF e.V. These are the topics

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation 
  • SMEs

In this way, the G-Forum will fulfill its role as a central platform for the scientific community to exchange views on the current state of scientific discussion.