• FGF-Doctoral Colloquium 2023 in Darmstadt (Germany) – Deadline for applications July 30th, 2023

    19. July 2023

    On September 27th, 2023, we invite interested doctoral students in the fields of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Medium-sized companies to a doctoral colloquium held in Darmstadt the day before the G-Forum 2023 conference. Experienced researchers introduce the following questions and themes:

    • How to successfully master a PhD
    • How to publish my doctoral research in reputable academic journals
    • An introduction to the FGF structured doctoral program class of 2024

    Moreover, selected doctoral students will have the opportunity to present their ongoing research projects in a developmental workshop atmosphere and to discuss them with experienced scholars. A proposal should contain a two- to three-page description with the following information:

    • Topic
    • Research question(s)
    • Research design
    • Hypothesis (hypotheses) and
    • (If available) first results and information about questions for the colloquium.

    Please register by email to Ulrich Knaup (knaup@fgf-ev.de) by July 30th, 2023, using the keyword “Doctoral Colloquium 2023”. Participation in the doctoral colloquium is linked to registration for the